Unlock the Power of Web3: Wavelengths Summit 2023 Builds Music Communities

• Wavelengths Summit 2023 was a one-day event bringing together musicians, industry executives, artist managers, researchers and technologists to explore the bleeding edge of music technology and democratize access to information.
• Water & Music is a collaborative music technology research network that seeks to empower its community with the knowledge needed to thrive in the digital era.
• The event’s emphasis on the importance of community-building in music and Web3 was ever-present, from the topics chosen for discussion to the way it was hosted and organized.

Wavelength Summit 2023

Wavelengths Summit 2023 was an immersive one-day event held on May 6th that brought together members of the music industry—musicians, industry executives, artist managers, researchers and technologists—to explore decentralization, blockchain technologies and their applications within the music industry. It provided a platform for attendees to discuss emerging trends in music tech as well as ways they can use these new technologies to create more meaningful connections with their fans.

Water & Music

Water & Music is a collaborative research network founded by writer Cherie Hu in 2016 with the goal of providing free resources and insights into how blockchain technology can be used within the music industry. It has since evolved into an extensive online collaboration network with paid membership options as well as hosting events like Wavelengths Summit 2023. Through this platform, Hu strives to bring down information silos often found in today’s rapidly changing digital landscape and empower individuals within this space with knowledge about how they can leverage these new technological advancements for their own benefit.

Building Community

The summit put a heavy focus on creating an atmosphere of positive community building throughout its duration; from day one Hu laid out four ground rules for attendees: “Be kind and respectful,” “Stay critical,” “No shilling,” and “Have fun!” She also made sure there were no panels but rather experts would field questions from attendees while moderating discussions amongst them. By doing so she hoped that everyone present would gain insight not just into how these technologies work but ways they can be applied within their own careers or projects moving forward.

Exploring Technology

Topics discussed included blockchain-based communities, artificial intelligence’s growing influence on the music industry as well as potential future revenue streams artists could tap into through decentralized platforms like nonfungible tokens (NFT). Attendees had plenty of opportunities to ask questions or participate in conversations between speakers during sessions such as “URL to IRL: Uniting Music Communities Online & Offline” which focused on creating more direct connections between artists/labels/managers/etc. and fans through virtual worlds or other creative means leveraging Web3 technologies .


Overall Wavelengths Summit 2023 proved successful at demystifying Web3 technologies for those unfamiliar with them while giving experienced developers/artists new ideas about how they could potentially apply them within their own projects or careers going forward – all while building a sense of community among participants throughout its entirety!